About ABC Cares

The three pillars of ABC Cares Foundation are: emergent needs, community partnerships and workforce development.

construction worker helping injured co-worker after accident on duty

Emergent Needs

We financially assist construction professionals and their families in times of sickness, injury or death. When tragedy strikes, families need to focus on each other. ABC Cares Foundation provides financial gifts to bridge the gap between the incident and insurance or workers compensation payouts.

Every case is assessed on an individual basis by a board of trustees, with assistance amounts ranging from $500 to $5,000. Financial support can reach the family’s hands within 48 hours. For large-scale needs, we look to the construction industry to assist with corporate matching.

business people shaking hands

Community Partnerships

ABC Cares assists in connecting the needs of the local community with the generosity of the construction industry through in-kind donations and donations of time and talent through community involvement. All companies are structured differently, and ABC Cares strives to provide an avenue to philanthropy regardless of the means.

When it comes to workforce development, we all feel the need for more, relevant pipelines that fuel our industry with talent. ABC Cares has played an instrumental role as an advocate for workforce development. Our goal is to leverage relationships that lead to industry hires. Hires that ABC Institute Apprenticeship College will soon welcome as apprentices. With over ten offerings, ABC Institute trains the industry that builds tomorrow, and is a natural partner for ABC Cares Foundation.

During 2022, ABC Cares played roles in launching At The Edge – a veteran internship program, accessing US Military leaving active duty through a partnership with Mission United, promoting Junior Achievement’s Career Bound program that brings high school kids to ABC Institute for Job Shadow days, and coordinated panel discussions that inform students and guidance counselors on career opportunities. ABC Cars stands proudly as a advocate for workforce development.

construction engineers supervising progress of construction project

Mental Health

One of the most recent developments in the mission of ABC Cares was the funding of a grant that allows EVERY beneficiary to access mental health services – whenever there is a gap. By partnering with Children’s Home Society (501c3), direct therapy services are now provided to ABC Cares’ beneficiaries. Not only are we supporting the financial burden of sudden sickness, injury, or death, we are providing for the hearts, souls, and minds of the population we serve.

In the tumultuous times we find ourselves, the needs of the construction community are growing. The responsibility of meeting these needs falls upon the very community ABC Cares Foundation serves. Please consider contributing to this great Foundation and enable us to continue our service to the construction community and the families they represent.