Questions and Answers from

Dr. Julie Radlauer

How can we effectively communicate to our employees that it's acceptable to reach out for support if they're feeling emotionally or mentally unwell?

Acceptable – eye of beholder. No retaliation. Anonymous. Route to support without backlash.

What are the crucial indicators to watch out for as red flags in the conduct of our team and other individuals?

Change in behavior. Knowing the baseline and noticing deviation. Attendance. Mood. Emotional shifts/swings. Isolating. Distracted. Unable to complete tasks.

What are the indications to observe as potential warning signs of suicide?

Giving away belongings. Especially favorite things. “..because I won’t be here tomorrow,” not “..because I can’t handle it.” Being overwhelmed is a normal response. Making final arrangements and giving away important items is a sign of giving up.

Despite having a fulfilling career, a supportive family, stable finances, a wonderful circle of friends, and strong religious convictions, why do thoughts about death and the end of life arise multiple times a week?

Struggling with mental health condition. Chemical imbalance.

What is your suggestion for the most effective approach to communicate to employees that they have a reliable source to seek support within their organization?

Testimonial from a trusted person. Confidentiality and respected. Surveys (anonymous). A better understanding of EAP and how easy it is to access support. A better understanding of 988 and how accessible it is for anyone calling in.

What strategies can be used to silence the inner voice despite being aware that it's incorrect? (Provide context. Tools/strategies are best taught in therapeutic setting)

Journaling. Thought stopping “saying no” to the voice. Talk therapy. Doing healthy things that make you feel good.

Where is the most suitable place to locate a qualified psychologist who specializes in addressing insecurities in teenagers, including issues such as self-hatred?

Insurance is the best place to start. Contact providers. Contact University in area that has program. 211 is always a great hub of resources.

How does financial pressure play a role in contributing to suicide risk?

Any kind of stress can create stress an individual is not able to cope with. Financial stress is no exception.

What are some appropriate actions and words to offer support to someone experiencing a situation like this, especially if one lacks training in psychology and empathy?

Be an active listener. “What can I do to help you?” Make connection to resources. 211 is always available.

What is the recommended response or reaction when receiving a call that a loved one, friend, or stranger is contemplating suicide?

Ask if they have a plan. If yes, let them know you are there for them. Encourage them.

What approach should be taken when assisting individuals who do not hold belief in God?

Offer hope, it comes in many forms. Connect with the things that will get them through it.